Plastic Recycling
Plastic recycling
We put at your disposal the best technologies for creating rotary screen changers, bringing concrete benefits to your plastic extrusion system.
We offer each customer our expertise with a consulting service built from specific needs.
Reduction of expenses and energy consumption and reduction of personnel costs in the face of a significant increase in productivity.
Automatic filter changers for recycling lines
Our rotary screen changers are designed to bring concrete benefits to any plastic extrusion line.

In particular:

  • reduce expenses and energy consumption
  • reduce staff costs
  • increase productivity
  • optimize production times
  • reduce plastic waste
  • produce post-consumer plastic material (cheaper raw material for plastic extrusion)

Plastic recycling with rotary screen changer
We are specialized in the production of automatic rotary screen changer changers. We provide our customers with the following models:

  • asl 320
  • asl 400
  • asl 500
  • asl 700

The rotary screen changers have the function of filtering the impurities during the plastic extrusion process, guaranteeing an optimal filtration and therefore an excellent result on the extruded plastic.

This result is achieved by comparing customer needs with the experience of our technicians, regarding the material to be processed. Only through this advice is possible to identify the best exercise parameters of the filter.

Why Asolmec?
We provide high efficiency rotary screen changers, but above all we provide our expertise: we provide a consulting service from specific data (eg quantity of materials to be processed, type of materials, size of holes).

We also offer a range of optional technologies: from waste material weighing systems, to remote assistance, to adjustments for the 4.0 industry.

We also work with a view to efficiency and versatility in the production of plastic recycling filters: we find the smartest solution.

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